About Our Practice

Our practice is led by Dr. Gagandeep Goyal MD, an addiction medicine specialist. A key aspect of Dr. Goyal’s treatment rests in his commitment to provide a personalized and compassionate approach in order for his patients to achieve a sustained sobriety.

The AWS's guiding principle has always centered on a patient-first approach. We appreciate that everyone’s life history possesses unique circumstances that must be taken into account before determining the best approach for treatment. Dr. Goyal and his highly trained staff are sensitive to the individual needs of every person who walks through their doors and are determined to tailor a treatment plan that safely and effectively works just for you.

At the AWS, we continually strive to empower those struggling with addiction the strength and courage it takes to take the bold steps towards a road to recovery. There is no greater accomplishment for us than helping our patients reach a sustained and satisfying recovery.