13th August 2019

Doctors host opioid crisis summit at UIC Rockford campus

ROCKFORD (WREX) – Healthcare professionals from around the area came together to discuss the opioid crisis.

“So all the hospitals, they understand it’s a problem, we need to control this situation. And then there are smaller organizations. So they are working hand-to-hand and to make sure that situation, they call it the crisis, is under control,” said Dr. Gagandeep Goyal, medical director for addition wellness services.

The U-I-C Health Sciences Campus-Rockford held an opioid summit Thursday. The education program aimed to help professionals better understand the crisis in Winnebago County, identify when opioids are okay to prescribe and come up with alternatives to prescribing opioids for their patients.

“So combating the issue itself is things like today, being educated. We are all health care providers and we’ve learned in school and in our practices what we should be doing. But keeping up with the latest information, the latest literature,” said Kevin Rynn, Vice Dean of the College of Pharmacy at UIC.

Officials say the program returned by popular demand after a similar event was held last year.