13th August 2019

Does Wellness Work for Addiction?

Whenever it comes to addiction treatment plans, wellness plays an integral role as it focuses on all-round development of mind and body. Not only do wellness programs enhance confidence and promote positive outlook, but also help maintain abstinence, which is crucial to overall wellbeing.

What does a wellness program entail?

The treatment is personalized, which involves meeting with a supervising doctor to find out specific needs that let people stay engaged in treatment and on course for recovery. The purpose of meeting a doctor is so they can know more about the effects of substance abuse on the patient both physically and psychologically. Thus a plan can be structured accordingly which includes fitness and nutritional routines, and other activities to promote physical and psychological wellness.

Wellness programs usually consist of the following steps:

Nutritional needs

Depending upon intake information and tests, along with knowledge of the effects of substance abuse, the doctor identifies nutritional deficiencies or issues with diet that can be considered when developing the wellness plan. A proper diet chart is created and followed throughout the treatment process so the patient consumes balanced meals and there is no possibility of malnutrition.

Exercise needs

Managing symptoms of withdrawal and working towards general health and wellness, is tougher than it seems, but regular exercise can really help in this regard. Focusing on physical health has a profound effect on mental wellbeing as well. Exercising helps to combat depression and anxiety, which are common after-effects of substance abuse. Your fitness routine can include a combination of exercises such as cardio, yoga, cross training, swimming, etc.

Holistic treatment

There are alternative treatments that support and benefit the medical and psychological treatments provided for physical and mental wellness. Examples include massage, acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis, and so on. At times, art, music, or equine therapy can be used too. Approaching treatment via holistic techniques greatly increase happiness and confidence.

Integrating wellness plan into the treatment is where it gets tricky. Wellness methods have a positive effect on substance abuse treatment, if they can be spliced into the overall treatment plan. In a rehab, specialists in all areas work together to build the perfect wellness plan for an individual, ensuring that levels of the program support and complement the overall treatment program. As the patient progresses, the plan can be tweaked as their needs change, wellness improves, and abstinence is maintained. A wellness plan works wonders in helping people recover and lead a full and content life in the years to come!