22nd August 2019

What Does Pain Management Entail?

Are you struggling to get through the day, gritting your teeth and unsure if the agony coursing through your body will ever go away? Drowning yourself in painkillers isn’t the answer! It can wreak havoc on your health and cause addiction as well. These medications merely numb the pain without treating the problem. Wellness programs can work wonders in treating pain due to injuries, illness, chronic pain, etc. Don’t believe the misconception that these programs are a waste of time and money – if you follow instructions and guidelines, your entire perspective on life can change when the root cause is being treated instead of numbing only the symptoms.

This is what pain management entails:


A tailored and properly mapped out exercise program that involves walking and gentle stretching can be remarkably useful for improving mobility and mood; by facilitating the release of feel-good neurochemicals that help with one’s emotional state and manage pain effectively. The exercise program is accompanied by a healthy and varied diet for optimal physical functioning.


Psychological treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and mindfulness. This aspect can take some getting used to but if you are patient and keep practicing, you will reap the benefits.


Depending upon the type of pain, you will be suggested specific pain medications accordingly. Since addiction can be a risk, especially when it comes to opioids, these medications are prescribed judiciously and under the close supervision of your treating doctor. Wellness programs ensure there is less possibility of someone becoming addicted to medicines.

Massage Therapy

At times, massage therapy is often an effective treatment for pain relief, swelling and stress.

Not only do pain clinics treat acute pain but also perform diagnostic services to determine where pain is originating. Once the root cause of pain is determined; developing a wellness program becomes relatively easier.

When it comes to pain management; both patient and doctor must work together as a team – investing both time and effort for treatment to become successful. Pain Management entails setting up reasonable health goals and expectations about the quality of life you can attain. Learning how to manage pain with a wellness program may not take all pain away, but patients can expect an excellent outcome with a functional and greater quality of life.