Low self-esteem, stress, fear, bad sleep and unhealthy habits sometimes hold us back from enjoying life to the fullest. The good news is these negative patterns can be broken or eliminated.

RDH – Result Driven Hypnosis – is a method within hypnotherapy. It differentiates itself from other forms of hypnotherapy on an important point: ‘self analysis’.

RDH is a guided hypnotherapy with three stages: Relaxation into the hypnosis stage, treatment and reinforcement. You are gently guided from one stage to the next by the voice you’re listening to.

How HelloMind Works

HelloMind works on principal of Result Driven Hypnosis(RDH):

  • Choose the area you want to work on. If you want to change or eliminate a negative thought pattern, like a phobia, or lack of self-esteem, start with that theme and click through to a specific treatment.
  • If you would rather strengthen a certain aspect of yourself by giving it a little extra attention, choose a Booster.
  • If you need immediate relief from a craving, stress, or panic or want to get 5 minutes of complete relaxation, choose a Quick Fix.

To use the app, you should always begin with your main problem. The app will guide you to the right treatment or Booster with simple questions. When you have consciously defined the problem, your subconscious will also know the solution.

Explanation of hypnotherapy

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